March 2019

Insightful Products’ Masted Knee Brace

The Masted Knee Brace (MKB) is the newest design offered by Insightful Products. The MKB was developed primarily to address the common problem of distal migration. This knee orthosis is said to ensure good knee and brace-joint alignment. It has adjustable flexion and extension stops at 15-degree increments and the foot section offers full range of motion for the foot/ankle complex. The posterior calf and thigh sections allow for easy donning. This orthotic solution is indicated for conical limb shapes where suspension is a challenge. According to Insightful Products, the MKB is appropriate for rehabilitation, post-op, ACL, or to control recurvatum. It can be configured with an integrated Step-Smart Brace for those with foot drop. Videos on the company’s website offer more information. HCPCS code L1832.

Insightful Products


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  1. simone floyd says:

    I would like my orthopaedic doctor to give me 2 of these. I am small but both of my knees hyperextend. How do I get 2 of them. I have medicare.

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