September 2021

Friendly Voyage Shoes

Friendly Shoes look and feel like modern comfort sneakers but patented Easy Shoe Access zippers make them a functional solution for individuals struggling with shoe donning or fitting AFOs/SMOs. Invented by an occupational therapist, users simply fold open, enter, and zip. The Voyage is a lightweight low top, available in wide widths. It features removable memory foam insoles, slip-resistant outsoles, and front Easy Shoe Access that’s well suited for individuals who prefer donning shoes from a seated position. The wide expanding, breathable mesh upper accommodates braces and wide feet, adjustable laces allow you to customize the fit while the cushioning in the heel and tongue provide stability to keep the foot safely anchored in place, and the memory foam insoles provide cushion and absorb shock, helping to reduce pain and impact. The shoes are elderly friendly, disabled friendly, diabetic friendly, pregnant friendly, and eco-friendly.

Friendly Shoes


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