April 2021

Fitterfirst 12- and 14-Inch Slant Boards

Fitterfirst Slant Boards are effective stretching devices for performance enhancement, injury prevention, and rehabilitation. These adjustable incline boards are designed to target and stretch the calf, arch, hamstring, and hip muscles. They are well-suited for use in a clinic, club, or at home. The new 12-inch regular design, the SLANT12, features a 10-degree angle at the lowest setting for the BESTest Balance Evaluation System Test. For steeper angles suitable for athletes and larger foot sizes, use the larger 14-inch model, the SLANTL, which includes a built-in hand cutout for portability. Both models feature a non-slip top and bottom surface, and both fold flat. The 12-inch model adjusts to 10, 20, and 26 degrees, while the 14-inch model adjusts to 20, 30, and 40 degrees.

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