April 2021

Extra-Wide Diabetic Wellness and Comfort Sock WP4

OS1st’s WP4 Wellness Performance Socks are fabricated using nano-bamboo charcoal, and they are seamless, non-binding, and cushioned. Now, the same sock is available with 50% more stretch for an extra-wide fit; they are available in medical crew and no show. The extra-wide WP4 Wellness Performance Socks feature 4 zones of compression, from light compression at the seamless toes and ankle for comfort, to moderate compression at the arch for support and superior fit. The special contoured, nano-bamboo charcoal fibers create a cushioned footbed and heel areas to provide extra protection all while still being non-constricting. These socks keep feet dry and comfortable using micro-fiber nylon and OS1st’s signature silver ion treatment, creating anti-microbial and moisture-wicking properties to prevent blisters and sock slipping, all important features for aiding with diabetes, sensitive feet, edema, and neuropathy.




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