February 2020

Armor 8 Lace Up Ankle Brace

Newly available from Elite Orthopaedics is the Armor 8 Lace Up Ankle Brace, which is designed to provide stability and protection. The figure-8 non-stretch wrap is engineered to stabilize the ankle and help control abnormal eversion and inversion. The brace uses a unique soft, pliable armor to limit inversion, eversion, flexion, and extension movements. The compact design fits easily into most athletic or street shoes. The ankle brace is available in 5 sizes, based on ankle circumference: X-small (9″-10″), small (10″-11″), medium (11″-12″), large (12″-13″), and X-large (13″-14″). The suggested HCPCS code is L1902.

Elite Orthopaedics



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