May 2019

Effective and Efficient Darco Peg Assist Offloading Insole – Three Versions Now Available!

The Darco Peg Assist Offloading Insole is the most effective, efficient and economical way to offload Lesions, Grade 1 and Grade2 wounds of the foot. The Peg comes in 3 versions:

PTQ – for use with the Darco MQ series med surg shoe exclusively

PQ – for use with our 5 size products – The All Purpose Boot, OrthoWedge, HeelWedge, Slim Line Boot and the new DUO med surg shoe.

PW – For use with most non- pneumatic walking boots.

When used correctly, the Peg is an excellent tool for pressure relief; up to 60% pressure reduction.

The Poron top layer provides support for the patient and doesn’t cause ring edema, skin irritation or allow the wound to form into the voided area.  The Poron top layer and included polyboard keep the pegs intact and prevents them from collapsing into the offloaded area.

Walking on the pegs is incorrect and leads to issues. Do not walk on the Pegs!

The Darco Peg Assist is available from your Darco distributor – contact them today; or visit our web site for a tutorial video on how to use the Peg Assist properly.  Try the Peg Assist today!

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