May 2022

Tuli’s HammerRX

The Tuli’s® HammerRx™ was designed by a world-renowned foot and ankle surgeon to treat hammertoe. It gently straightens and properly aligns the toe for all-day comfort. The strap can be used as a treatment for minor conditions of hammertoe, and for the more serious situations where surgery is required, it can be used as a post-op therapy to protect the surgery results and aid in healing. The HammerRx is fully adjustable to function for everyone and is made from material that combines maximum flexibility with softness and breathability. The soft touch hook-and-loop closures secure the straps in place without causing irritation. It is easy to apply and use and can be worn with any type of shoe or sandal or even when barefoot. For additional information or to request a sample, email or call 800/810-1740.

Medi-Dyne Healthcare Products


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