February 2018

Darco Peg Assist

The Darco Peg Assist Insole is the premier off the shelf product for offloading of wounds of the foot and post operative site pressure relief. The Peg Assist features removable pegs that effectively offload the plantar aspect of the foot. Localized offloading is optimized and pressure reduced as much as 60% to the site. Poron cushioning eliminates the incidence of ring edema and abrasion. The included stabilizer board ensures the integrity of the offload and that the pegs do not shift while the patient it ambulating. The Darco Peg Assist comes in three versions to fit our square toe products and standard walker boots. It provides an effective, efficient, and economical way to offload wounds and start your patients on the path to healing.

Watch the video below to view how to offload wounds with the Peg Assist.

Darco International, Inc.




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