October 2021

CHI Footwear Graphene Sneakers

CHI Footwear is a podiatrist-approved collection that was developed for hairstylists. This next-generation sneaker protects from a host of foot problems thanks to graphene technology, which is strong, flexible, and hard wearing. In particular, these graphene sneakers and inserts help kill germs by breaking down the cellular walls of bacteria, fungus, yeast, and other types of viruses; prevent odors; provide relief for plantar fasciitis; provide stability and balance; regulate body temperature for optimal comfort and support; reduce muscle fatigue; encourage the wearer to stand and walk properly; provide a healthy option for diabetic footwear; massage the foot while walking, providing energy and good circulation while fighting fatigue; and reduce inflammation and combat other symptoms caused by poor circulation. Available in women’s and men’s sizes and in a variety of attractive color combinations, this 15-piece sneaker collection ensures no one needs to compromise on comfort or style.

CHI Footwear

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