July 2019

Bunion Bracing Sleeve

The OS1st HV3 Bunion Bracing Sleeve from ING Source was created using a light-flex toe splint with an anatomically correct split-toe design to provide relief of bunions, realignment of toe angles, and reduction of forefoot swelling. Built-in silicone stabilizers hold the brace in place so the splint can straighten the hallux and help separate toes for gradual correction, relief, and recovery. According to the company, it is the most comfortable and easy to use hallux valgus splint ever made. Designed as an easy, slip-on brace, the patent-pending HV3 straightens gently to realign toes for bunion pain relief and to promote better foot health. The HV3 creates an added layer of protection and can be worn under any socks or in any shoe or sandal for extra mobility.

ING Source



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