May 2019

Build Adjustable RevoFit Sockets

Click Medical now offers free online courses to educate practitioners on how to build and adjust RevoFit transtibial and transfemoral prosthetic sockets. The adjustable, multi-panel socket design provides global and targeted compression. The socket is adjustable through clothing and has micro and macro adjustments in which each click of the dial provides 1mm of movement compression. According to Click Medical, the “Can You Adjust?” educational series is designed to provide a 66% reduction in refitting events, and practitioners are 3 times more likely to deliver a correct socket fit on the first attempt. The educational step-by-step courses walk the user through everything they need to know to build RevoFit adjustable sockets. Empower your patients to adjust their socket to their lives rather than adjusting their lives to their socket.

Click Medical


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