September 2015

APS-500 Polyethylene

The new APS-500 material from Allied O&P Supply is a flesh tone colored, high-strength polyethylene that can be used in place of Sureform and Subortholen when making custom foot orthoses. It is suitable for deep draws and embossing. The new product can be cold formed as well as thermo molded at a recommended oven temperature of 325° to 350° F; shrinkage is normal when heated. The new high-strength polyethylene is available in 1-mm, 2-mm, 3-mm, and 4-mm thicknesses. The physical properties of the APS-500 include a melting point of 275° F, a flash point of 658° F, and a density of .93 -.95 g/cm².

Allied O&P Supply


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