April 2018

Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis

OPED Medical Inc. (dba Evenup) offers the Vacotalus for stable treatment of the ankle region. The ankle appliance is designed for treating acute ankle injuries, for use in after-care for fractures of the ankle joint, preventing ligament lesions on the ankle joint, and for compensation of ankle joint instability. The unit is engineered to provide an optimized combination of effective stabilization while fitting comfortably around the ankle. It provides tangible limitation of talar shift through the Talusstrap. The orthosis offers space to provide optimized treatment of swelling.

A VACO12 cushion is included to offer grip around the ankle area. An overall slim design allows the orthosis to be worn inside a shoe. Elastic straps provide comfort. Natural flow of movement of the foot remains possible through plantar/dorsal movement. An anatomically pre-molded outer shell offers rigidity for effective stability against pronation/supination. A Vaco pad adapts to individual anatomical requirements.

OPED Medical Inc dba Evenup



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