March 2014

ACTitouch Compression

Tactile Medical (formerly Tactile Systems Technology) has launched ACTitouch Adaptive Compression Therapy, which combines intermittent and sustained compression in one device to heal chronic venous leg ulcers. The ACTitouch system, which can be worn discreetly beneath clothing and with regular shoes, features a light-weight, wrap-around sleeve with air-filled chambers and a padded undersock. The system includes a Therapy Tracker that automatically records and displays average daily use in each of the two compression modes, generating data clinicians can use to reinforce patient therapy goals.

Tactile Medical

2 Responses to ACTitouch Compression

  1. Ronald says:

    I can not get my act touch to work any suggestions also I cannot get it out of the housing

  2. Teresa Hunt says:

    I need the order # for Actitouch system- the compression one that you walk on

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