July 2012

Study shows adjustable AFO reduces pain, allows return to active lifestyle

The Revolution ankle foot or­thosis (AFO) from Brooklyn, NY-based American Orthopedics Manufacturing Corporation (AOMC) improves symptoms of pain and associated disability and helps patients return to activity, according to a case series from researchers at Gifford Medical Center’s Sharon Sports Medicine Clinic in Sharon, VT.

Gifford Med investigators tested the brace’s efficacy on foot function and pain in 16 patients (aged 25-75 years, 12 women) with posterior tibial tendon pathology or deltoid ligament injury or who had undergone a surgical procedure involving the lower extremity. All patients but one were involved in athletic or exercise programs.

After using the brace on an as-needed basis when they felt fatigued or engaged in strenuous activity, 14 patients reported improvement in symptoms and an ability to return to their athletically active lifestyle without pain

Investigators concluded that optimal treatment of medial column soft tissue injury in the foot and lower leg should include early use of an AFO. The Gifford Med researchers also noted that in their clinical experience the Revolution AFO’s medial adjustable strap, which promotes a more comfortable, individualized fit, led to improved patient acceptance of the device compared with other AFOs, and the increased compliance was key to good outcomes.

Typically, the brace doesn’t require altering shoe size and its short plantar plate lets patients walk, run, climb, and bend with little motion restriction.

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  1. Steve says:

    I have a deep deltoid ligament tear in my ankle and I’m interested in finding out more about your AFO and the cost. Thank you.

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