September 2014

ProtoKinetics software shows reliability

By Emily Delzell

An August study comparing ProtoKinetics Movement Analysis Software (PKMAS) with the widely used GaitRite system concludes the software from Havertown, PA-based ProtoKinetics is a reliable alternative processing method.

Researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim collected data with GaitRite hardware from 86 healthy older people and 44 older adults who had undergone surgical hip fracture repair four months prior to study entry and derived temporal-spatial variables from raw footfall data using both GaitRite and PKMAS processing programs.

All variables except for base width and foot angle, which had differences of -1.6 cm and +.7° with PKMAS, respectively, were interchangeable between the two systems.

The online journal BMC Research Notes published the results on August 18.

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