September 2009

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Obesity and O&P: Optimizing outcomes

Obese and overweight patients have a lot to lose: their cartilage, their muscle tone, their quality of life, their limbs. Few patient populations have more to gain from orthotic and prosthetic therapy. But no other group of patients poses a bigger clinical challenge.

By Cary Groner

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Out on a limb: Getting a leg up

So now we know more about Oscar Pistorius’ body than any of us does about our own. Courtesy of the Journal of Applied Physiology and a dream team of scientists, we know his metabolic cost of running, his sprinting endurance, his swing times, his stance-average vertical ground reaction forces. We know how each of those variables stacks up against those of elite non-amputee runners.

By Jordana Bieze Foster, Editor

Feature Articles

Diabetes: Pressure data guide offloading efforts

Research suggests that plantar pressure measurement can help practitioners pinpoint problematic areas, compare different orthotic devices, and improve consistency in fabrication.

By Georgeanne Botek, DPM, and Tammy M. Owings, DEng.

Stroke: The evidence for orthotic treatment

The medical literature doesn’t yet have all the answers regarding orthotic management of stroke, but don’t discount the existing body of evidence. It could—and should—change the way you practice.

By Stefania Fatone, PhD, BPO(Hons)

Fifth met stress fracture: Load-based risk factors

A stress fracture in even the smallest metatarsal bone can be a big problem, particularly for an athlete. Research suggests that male gender, athletic task, foot type, and shoe design may all contribute to loading on the lateral aspect of the forefoot, increasing injury risk.

By Robin M. Queen, PhD, and James A. Nunley II, MD

Ankle balance training targets recurrent injury

Balance intervention programs improve postural stability, which reduces ankle sprain risk. By reducing injury recurrence, balance training reduces the risk of chronic ankle instability, and in turn the risk of ankle osteoarthritis.

By Erik A. Wikstrom, PhD, ATC, and Mitchell L. Cordova, PhD, ATC

Orthotics: Management of functional flat foot

The optimal arch height for a patient with functional flat foot may depend on the goals of orthotic management. Studies suggest that arch height directly affects excessive motion, but that controlling dynamic balance may require a more tailored approach.

By Stephen D. Perry, PhD, E. Anne Cunningham, Msc, CPed, and Kelly M. Goodwin, BSc

Industry News & Updates

Featured Products

Bunion Aid

Bunion Aid is an award-winning hinged foot splint that relieves bunion pain. It is clinically proven to correct mild to moderate bunions (hallux valgus) and maintain post-surgical fixation of the toe, reducing rehab time. The splint can be worn at night and in a wide shoe during the day, which helps both women and men return to an active lifestyle. German engineered, the medical-grade plastic splint and hook & loop ...

Easy Slip-On Shoes

The new Easy Slip-On Shoes from Orthofeet offer the slip-on look with the comfort of adjustable strap shoes. The shoes feature hook and loop straps that provide a wide opening for easy on/off. The two-way strap system allows the user to fasten the strap on either side of the shoe, as well as easy adjustment of the length of the strap. An extra long strap can be adjusted to perfectly ...

TORCH Walker

American Shoe has launched the TORCH Walker (Total contact Orthotic Restraining Custom Hybrid) to replace the C.R.O.W. This new design combines the support and positioning of a traditional AFO with the accommodation and functionality of custom molded footwear. The TORCH Walker is fabricated with top quality leather and other materials. This 100% custom device is available in any height and any color, and is fully adjustable for fluctuating edema. A ...

Swing Phase Lock 2

The Swing Phase Lock 2 is an updated version of Fillauer’s most popular stance control orthotic joint. New features include an extended wear bumper, security stops at 15 and 32, teflon bushings for longer wear, and a PEEK high wear insert. Like its predecessor, the Swing Phase Lock 2 features an enhanced position-dependent pendulum design and multiple locking positions for added safety, providing increased stability for patients with tentative gait. ...

UltraSafeGait ADR-AFO

Ultraflex announces the launch of the UltraSafeGait pediatric ADR-AFO. The pediatric version is now available in markets around the world, including the United States. The UltraSafeGait Adjustable Dynamic Response ADR-AFO pediatric version now completes the adjustable dynamic response product line which also includes the UltraSafeStep adult versions. UltraSafeGait ADR technology provides an orthotic solution for children with crouch gait types, equinus gait types, and all of their variants. This technology ...

Otto Bock CPM Devices

Featuring state-of-the-art electronics, the LiteLift Pro Knee and 480E Pro Series Knee CPM devices from Otto Bock are the first in a series of continuous passive motion devices to use the Pro (for “progres- sive”) controller that cross-platforms to each machine. This means improved patient compliance tracking capabilities as the Pro controller not only tracks hours the devices are used, but also the number of sessions and sessions per day. ...

Medi USA Knee Braces

Medi USA announces the distribution of two new knee braces for the treatment of unicompartmental osteoarthritis knee pain. The single-upright M.3 OA knee brace is designed for patients who suffer from unicompartmental osteoarthritis knee pain but do not need the stability enhancement provided by a double upright design such as the M.4 OA knee brace. The M.4 OA Compact knee brace is designed for patients 5’8” and shorter who are ...

ControlTecc Foot Beds

ControlTecc breathable foot beds provide superior biomechanical support and performance. The device consists of a firm arch shell with a deep heel seat for full control of the heel and arch. The special arch peg design helps to keep the foot bed securely in place, can be grinded to form a more custom angle or post, and provides a surface to add additional components such as an arch enhancer or ...