October 2015

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Download the Complete issue as a PDF (7.9mb)

Cover Story

The mechanistic mysteries of foam rolling

As the popularity of foam rollers escalates, researchers are scrambling to document the therapy’s effects and tease out the possible underlying mechanisms, which now appear to be more complicated than the earliest investigators had hypothesized.

By Cary Groner

Editor Message

Out on a limb: Smoke signals

My grandmother smoked for decades, and although she did eventually succeed in quitting, she still spent the last few years of her life linked to an oxygen tank. And as a medical journalist, I’m very familiar with the long list of health-related disadvantages of smoking…

Jordana Bieze Foster, Editor


Foot10-15cCVR-smA survey isn’t the most rigorous of scientific methodologies, but survey-based studies can provide the kind of real-world perspective that’s missing from research done in a controlled laboratory environment. And, when biomechanists are as divided on a topic as they are on minimalist running shoes, a fresh perspective can be a very good thing.

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By Jordana Bieze Foster


From amputee to clinical prosthetist: four journeys

A number of amputees, many inspired by the expert care they received after losing a limb, have been motivated to pursue careers in prosthetics, where they can provide patients with a unique and personal perspective. Four of these practitioners shared their stories with.

By P.K. Daniel

Including injury history adds to value of FMS

Multiple studies indicate that poor movement, as assessed using the Functional Movement Screen, and past history of injury are risk factors for future injury, and a recent investigation suggests that risk is…

By MAJ Michael Garrison, PT, DSc, OCS, SCS; and MAJ Richard Westrick, PT, DSc, OCS, SCS

Running in an exerted state: mechanical effects

Kinematic and kinetic alterations in the lower extremities that researchers have observed during the course of a prolonged run may provide clinically relevant insights into patellofemoral pain and other conditions associated with a gradual onset of symptoms during exercise.

By Lauren Benson, MS; and Kristian O’Connor, PhD

Post-polio syndrome: It takes a team approach

Along with technical issues related to muscle weakness, fatigue, and pain, the challenges of managing this hetero­gen­eous population include patients’ emotional response to the idea of needing an orthotic device for a disability they thought they had overcome.

By Larry Hand

Hamstring injuries: The clinical promise of PRP

Preliminary research suggests platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a safe and effective means of treating hamstring injuries that do not respond to early conservative measures…

By Frank B. Wydra, MD; Ryan R. Fader, MD; Omer Mei-Dan, MD; and Eric C. McCarty, MD


In the Moment: Dance

By Robyn Parets and Jordana Bieze Foster

Joint-friendly floors: Novel surface softens ballet landings

It’s no surprise that ballet dancers, who spend hours rehearsing high impact jumps, experience a high incidence of lower extremity injuries. A new study, however, shows that dancers can reduce loading on lower extremity joints and…

By Robyn Parets

Hip hop study finds excessive joint angles that could affect injury risk

Excessive peak angles in weightbearing joints during hip hop dance may contribute to lower extremity injuries in this population, according to a September 2015 study published in Medical Problems of Performing Artists.

By Jordana Bieze Foster

Textured insoles worn outside of dance class may improve ankle proprioception

Wearing textured insoles during nonclass time is associated with improved ankle proprioception in ballet dancers, according to research from the University of Canberra in Australia.

By Jordana Bieze Foster

In the Moment: Rehabilitation

By Chris Klingenberg and Jordana Bieze Foster

Eccentric and effective: Protocol lowers hamstring reinjury risk

Research epublished in September by the Journal of Sport Rehabilitation supports the use of eccentric strengthening at long muscle lengths for preventing recurrent hamstring injuries.

By Chris Klingenberg

Supervised exercise for claudication may benefit men more than women

Supervised exercise therapy for intermittent claudication is more effective in men than in women, according to research from the Netherlands that suggests gender-specific interventions may be appropriate in this population.

By Jordana Bieze Foster

Addition of pain coping skills training improves knee OA therapy outcomes

A combined intervention of exercise therapy plus training in pain coping skills is associated with better function than either intervention alone in patients with knee osteoarthritis (OA), according to an Australian randomized controlled trial.

By Jordana Bieze Foster

Market Mechanics

By Emily Delzell

AOPA honors advocates, student O&P poster winners at National Assembly

The Washington, DC-based Ameri­can Orthotic & Prosthetic Association (AOPA) on October 9 recognized the three recipients of its Ralph R. “Ronney” Snell Legislative Advocacy Award at its National Assembly in San Antonio, TX.

Delcam division is now Autodesk Footwear

Birmingham, UK-based Delcam announced in September the renaming of its Delcam Orthotic Insole Solutions division to Auto­desk Footwear.

FootcareXpress sponsors USA Rugby

Miami, FL-based Footcare­Xpress reported in September its new partnership with USA Rugby. The company is supporting the USA Rugby teams as they play in this month’s 2015 World Cup and prepare for the 2016 Summer…

Rehab Systems, OPAF host golf clinics

Rehab Systems Orthotics and Prosthetics and the Orthotic & Prosthetic Activities Foundation (OPAF) in September hosted First Swing Learn to Golf clinics in Boise and Twin Falls, ID, where the company has facilities.

Fillauer opens new manufacturing facility

The Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce proclaimed October 1 Fillauer Day and hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony at the company’s new manufacturing facility in the Tennessee city.

Society works to raise gout awareness

The Gout & Uric Acid Education Society (GUAES) in September released a series of four educational brochures to raise awareness of the serious complications of gout, including heart and kidney disease, diabetes, and stroke.

Biom relaunches its brand as BionX

Bedford, MA-based iWalk, also known as Biom, on September 29 unveiled its new name, BionX, and logo during a presentation at the Ladenburg Thalmann Healthcare Conference in New York City.

AlterG contest celebrates PT month

Fremont, CA-based AlterG is celebrating October’s National Physical Therapy month with its PT of the Month contest. Go to learn.alterg.com/pt-month by October 23 to nominate a physical therapist.


Repel H20 Limb Protector

Total Vein Systems, a Houston-based medical supply company, recently introduced Repel H2O, a waterproof limb protector. The waterproof product is designed to fit over bandages, dressings, casts, and therapeutic boots to…

Bionic Fitness Abstar Air

Bionic Fitness introduces the AbStar Air, a versatile, simple-to-use alternative to the unwieldy exercise ball. The rounded-star design offers the benefits of an unstable surface for exercises involving the muscles of the lower extremities…

Micro-Z II Stimulator

The Micro-Z II from Prizm Medical is a DC stimulator, from which the pulse-directed current penetrates deeply into the patient’s tissue bed to promote microcirculation and the reduction of edema, which encourages healing.

Desk Pilates, Second Edition

OPTP offers the second edition of Desk Pilates: Living Pilates Every Day by Angela Kneale. Desk Pilates is intended to increase movement, improve posture and alignment, deepen breathing patterns, and decrease muscle tension.

Reflexa Therapy Socks

Doc’s Socks offers the new Reflexa Socks for patients with poor circulation, cold feet, and foot pain. Several styles are available for athletes, individuals seeking the antimicrobial properties of silver, and…

Doctor’s Choice DME Crutches

Allied OSI Labs continues to expand its line of over-the-counter, durable medical equipment (DME) products with Medicare-reimbursable crutches for in-office dispensing.

MegaComfort Anti-Fatigue Insoles

MegaComfort offers a complete range of ergonomic anti-fatigue insoles and orthotic devices for people employed in manufacturing, laboratory, warehouse, maintenance services, healthcare, construction, military, and retail industry settings.

Peg Assist Walker Insole

Darco International announces an addition to its Peg Assist Offloading Insole family, the Peg Assist Walker Insole. The insole is composed of the same materials (Poron, Plastazote, and ethylene vinyl acetate) and is the…

Cast Relief Spray from Dry Corp

Cast Relief by Dry Corp is a new aerosol spray designed to help relieve the itch and odor associated with wearing a lower extremity fiberglass cast.

NuWave Nail Enamel

MVI Footcare is the exclusive distributor of NuWave Antibacterial and Antifungal Nail Enamel. NuWave enamels include basecoat, topcoat, and matte styles, in 22 colors. Developed by two women podiatrists, NuWave enamels are…

Black Volara 4E Closed Cell Foam

Now available from JMS Plastics Supply is its new Black Volara 4E material. Volara is a closed cell foam that is designed not to absorb moisture, bacteria, or odors. Black Volara is stocked in 30″ x 36″ sheets and in…

Slide.fit Prosthetic Donning Aid

Designed around the motto “Donning Made Easy,” Streif­eneder USA has released the new Slide.fit donning aid for transfemoral prostheses. The gliding material offers diminished resistance, allowing the amputee to…

Spenco Medics Replacement Insoles

New from Spenco are Spenco Medics, adjustable replacement insoles featuring the company’s Total Support technology along with interchangeable heel and midfoot pods.

Men’s Hosiery in Dark Navy Stripe

When Sigvaris North America launched its Midtown Microfiber hosiery line in 2014, it was the company’s first compression therapy collection designed exclusively for men in three compression levels.

Elite Orthopaedic Fracture Walkers

Elite Orthopaedics offers two new walkers designed for applications including soft tissue injuries, grade two and three sprains, stable fractures, and postoperative rehabilitation.