June 2021

Ankle Leads “Problem” List for Female College Athletes

In a study out of Japan, 54 female college basketball athletes filled out the Oslo Sports Trauma Research Centre questionnaire detailing all “physical complaints” for 135 days. The average daily prevalence for any problem was 44%, with substantial problems accounting for 16%. The area most affected by physical problems was the ankle (14.5%), followed closely by the lower back (14.4%), and then the knee (9.6%). The knee also accounted for the largest proportion of substantial problems at 5.2%, compared to 4% for both the ankle and lower back. These 3 anatomical areas also accounted for the highest severity scores at 606 for ankle (ankle sprain most common), 600 for knee (ACL injury and return to full performance issues), and 561 for lower back (mostly overuse). 

Source: Nagano Y, Shimada Y, Sasaki N, Shibata M. Prevalence and burden of physical problems in female college basketball athletes: a 135-day prospective cohort study. Open Access J Sports Med. 2021;12:55–60.

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