April 2017

EO2 oxygen delivery device heals DFUs

Results of a randomized controlled trial presented in March at the Diabetic Foot Global Conference (DFCon) in Houston found continuous diffusion of oxygen (CDO) with San Antonio-based EO2 Concepts’ Trans Cu O2 System was more effective for treatment of diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs) than standard approaches.

Investigators for the  clinical trial randomized 100 participants with DFUs (79% male, aged 58.3 ± 12.1 years) to receive either active CDO therapy with the wearable TransCu O2 device or an otherwise fully operational sham device that provided moist wound therapy without delivering oxygen.

They followed patients until wound closure or for 12 weeks, whichever was sooner. Patients, treating physicians, and independent evaluators were blinded to the study arm. All patients
received identical offloading, dress­ings, and follow-up.

Mark Q. Niederauer, PhD, COO of EO2, presented the results, which found significantly more people healed in the active arm compared with the sham group (46% vs 22%); this relative effect was greater in more chronic wounds (42.5% vs 13.5%). Patients using the active device also had significantly faster closures rates compared with the sham group.

The Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology published the study in February.

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