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July 2018

LER’s Bottoni Wins AOSSM Research Award

Orthopedic surgeon and LER Editorial Advisory Board Member Craig R. Bottoni, MD, and colleagues John D. Johnson, DO, CPT, Liang Zhou, MD, Sarah G. Raybin, BA, MAJ, James J. Shaha, MD, COL (ret), Kenneth K. Lindell, MD, MAJ, and David D. Thoma, DO, were…

Craig R. Bottoni, MD Continue reading

July 2018

USC Podiatric Surgeon, Neurosurgeon Collaborate on Smart Insole

David Armstrong, DPM, MD, PhD, a professor of surgery at the University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles, Keck School of Medicine, and Charles Liu, MD, PhD, a professor of clinical neurological surgery and director of USC’s Neurorestoration Center, have collaborated on the development of a smart insole. The technology has implications for the reduction of amputations resulting from diabetic foot ulcers. Continue reading

July 2018

Visual Illusion of Altered Knee Size Reduces Pain in OA Sufferers

In a study published July 17 in the journal Peer J, researchers at the University of South Australia (UniSA) Body in Mind Research Group have found that people suffering from knee osteoarthritis (OA) reported up to a 40% reduction in pain when presented with an… Continue reading

July 2018

Barefoot Exercising May Improve Balancing, Jumping Skills in Children

“Walking barefoot is widely thought to be more natural, and the use of footwear has long been discussed as an influencing factor on foot health and movement pattern development,” said Astrid Zech, PhD, from the Institute of Sport Science, Friedrich Schille University of Jena, Germany. Toward this end, she and two research teams assessed… Continue reading

July 2018

Heel Defender Orthotic Insoles Selected for Clinical  Trial

Defender Operations, South Miami, Florida announced its Heel Defender Orthotic Insoles have been selected for use in a clinical trial of a new treatment for Achilles tendonitis. The treatment entails the injection of a bioactive tissue matrix allograft to promote healing of chronic Achilles tendonitis. A Level 1 randomized, multicenter, blinded, controlled, clinical trial is currently… Continue reading

July 2018

First Mobility-Impaired Runner Completes 100th Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Race

Beth Deloria became the first mobility-impaired runner to complete 100 races in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Series, and the 11th athlete overall to hit the 100-mark, when she completed the series’ Raleigh, North Carolina, event in April. Deloria, who has foot drop, uses an Allard ToeOFF AFO. She is also the founder of Allard’s TeamUP, the first national… Continue reading

July 2018

NATA Announces New VP, Secretary/Treasurer, Board Members

The National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) announced that Marisa Brunett, MS, ATC, LAT, has been elected vice president, and Chris Hall, MA, ATC, LAT, was appointed secretary/treasurer. Brunett replaces President Tory Lindley, MA, ATC, whose presidential term began June 28. Continue reading

July 2018

From the Literature: Diet, osteoporosis, and hip fracture

Osteoporosis reduces bone mass, weakening the overall microarchitectural structure of bone tissue and leaving individuals susceptible to fractures from falls, or in severe cases, hard sneezes. That postmenopausal women are at increased risk for osteoporosis and the fractures it causes, has been known for some time.

By Janice Radak Continue reading

July 2018

Incorrectly fitted footwear, foot pain and foot disorders

This narrative review, excerpted here, sought to determine the prevalence of incorrectly fitted footwear and to examine its association with foot pain and foot disorders across 18 studies involving 3,205 patients.

By Andrew K. Buldt and Hylton B. Menz Continue reading

July 2018

The rise of the crossover: A chronicle of cars and prosthetic feet

The so-called crossover foot is emerging as an attractive option in lower-extremity prosthetics, just as crossovers found their way into the automotive market: because they offer utility.

By Phil Stevens, MEd, CPO, FAAOP Continue reading

July 2018

PERSPECTIVE: Chiropractic

Dr. Michaud is in chiropractic practice in Newton, Massachusetts, and is the author of Human Locomotion: The Conservative Management of Gait-Related Disorders. He discloses that he is the owner of, where the Toe Strength Dynamometer discussed in this article is sold.

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July 2018

PERSPECTIVE: Biomechanics Research

Dr. Mickle is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Institute of Health and Sport, Victoria University, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. She has disclosed no relevant relationships.

By Karen Mickle, BSc (Hons), PhD Continue reading

July 2018


Dr. Dilnot is a Consultant Podiatrist at the Melbourne Foot Clinic, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; Clinical Supervisor at LaTrobe University, Bundoora, Victoria, Australia; and a Director at Equus Medical Products, Eltham, also in Melbourne. He discloses that he is a distributor of foot-strengthening products.

By Matthew Dilnot, DPM Continue reading

July 2018

Current ACL Return-to-Sport Criteria Fails To Identify 2nd Injury Risk

For young, active individuals, returning to sport after an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury and not suffering a second injury is often difficult. Figuring out how to prevent reinjury is even more tricky, says Mark Paterno, PhD, PT, MBA, ATC from the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in Ohio. Continue reading

July 2018

Stress Fractures Of the Foot in Football

High-impact sports expose athletes to greater risk of injury overall. Is there a way to prevent such trauma by applying the lessons of sports science? Stress fractures of the foot result from repetitive microtraumas and chronic submaximal loading of tissues. Among football players, the most common are the Jones fracture, a break in the fifth metatarsal between the base and the middle, and the…

By D. Chris Cothern PT, CES, PES Continue reading

July 2018

Young Athletes’ ACL Injury Risk Increases with Fatigue

ACL injuries are one of the most common sports injuries affecting adolescent athletes, leading to lost playing time and high healthcare costs. Athletes who experience fatigue – tested on a standardized assessment — demonstrated increased risk of ACL injury, according to this study, which is the first to measure the direct impact of fatigue on injury risk in the adolescent population. Continue reading

July 2018

Results for Female ACL Graft Repair Methods Differ Among Younger Athletes

Female athletes are 2 to 8 times more likely to injure their ACL than males, however utilizing one graft repair treatment method in females may be more beneficial than another, according to new research from Hytham Salem and colleagues from the Rothman Institute in Philadelphia, PA. Their paper, “Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction in Young Females: Patella… Continue reading

July 2018

Older Patients with Knee Pain Benefit from Allograft Transplant Technique

Knee pain in active patients over 40 is often difficult to treat but utilizing a special kind of allograft may be a step in the right direction, according to research from Katlyn Robinson, BS and colleagues in a paper titled, “Efficacy of Osteochondral Allograft Transplantation in the Knee in Adults Forty Years and Older.” Continue reading

July 2018

Surgery Offers Young Patients Long-Term Benefits after Meniscus Tears

Young patients who underwent surgery for isolated meniscus tears between 1990 and 2005 showed positive long-term clinical results. The study represents one of the largest long-term follow-up cohorts describing clinical outcomes of meniscus repair in pediatric patients to date. Continue reading

July 2018

Guest Editorial: Youth Overuse Injuries and What Clinicians, Parents and Coaches Can Do

It’s one of the key issues in youth sports today: an epidemic of overuse and repetitive motion injuries. It affects both lower and upper extremities, across the board, in all sports at all ages. As the world of youth sports has grown dramatically, so have these injury problems.

By Robert A. Weil, DPM Continue reading

July 2018

JMS Plastics New Fiberglass Casting Tape

JMS Plastics Supply proudly introduces J-Cast, a new orthopedic fiberglass casting tape. The new J-Cast fiberglass casting tape is described by the company as simple to mold and comfortable to wear. The newly introduced orthopedic product is designed to offer excellent ventilation and less irritation than similar existing products. Continue reading

July 2018

Custom-molded shoes and AFOs for every walk of life

Pride in our workmanship continues to advance to new heights – today every stitch, seam and styling line utilizes state-of-the-art computer animated design and 3D modeling techniques. Continue reading

July 2018

Breakthrough HV3 Bunion Bracing Sleeve

OS1st Base Layer Bracing announces its breakthrough bracing sleeves for Bunions. Shown here is the HV3 Bunion Bracing Sleeve for Hallux Valgus pain and re-alignment. This Patent Pending bunion splint design is truly a breakthrough. Continue reading

July 2018

A Major Breakthrough In Heel Pain Relief

We’ve got the solution to your heel pain issues after countless hours of research and development. The Heel Defender heel orthotic has been predicted to become the premier option for relieving heel pain in adults and children. Unlike other heel orthotics which are not design to target specific trouble areas, Heel Defender orthotics can help remove up to 80% of the impact force on the heel. Continue reading

July 2018

Hatchbacks Orthopedic Shoes Introduces Larger Sizes

Hatchbacks Footwear offers children and young adult orthopedic approved shoes that look great, extra wide, and fit easily over AFO braces. No need to buy expensive customized shoes or spend hours at the mall trying to find extra wide shoes. Continue reading