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November 2014

Parents: How to make them your clinical allies

While the patient is always the practitionerʼs first priority, establishing a convivial relationship with a childʼs parents can mean the difference between victory and failure when it comes to diagnosing, treating, and rehabilitating lower extremity problems in pediatric patients.

By Shalmali Pal Continue reading

November 2014

Rates of chronic ankle instability in children are surprisingly high

Experts push for better sprain rehab – Primary ankle sprains often occur before adulthood, and a recent literature review from Australia suggests that some pediatric populations exhibit a high rate of ankle injury recurrence and chronic ankle instability (CAI).

By P.K. Daniel Continue reading

November 2014

Gait compensations vary in kids with limb length discrepancies

Location of shortening is key factor – Contrary to popular perceptions, children with limb length discrepancy (LLD) may each use multiple compensatory strategies when they are walking, depending on where their discrepancy is, and those gait patterns may present a dilemma for practitioners.

By Larry Hand Continue reading

November 2014

Below-knee amputation level has subtle functional effects

Syme, transtibial gaits are similar – The relative functional benefits of transtibial and Syme amputations in adults have been discussed in the medical literature, but few studies have addressed similar issues in pediatric patients.

By Hank Black Continue reading

November 2014

New igli Junior Insoles

Medi USA introduces two new igli Junior carbon insoles in the igli carbon insole series: the Junior Orange and Junior Blue C+ for children. The customizable igli insoles feature a carbon clip on the underside of the insole and… Continue reading

November 2014

FootMat Software

Tekscan introduces FootMat software, which allows clinicians to analyze static or dynamic pressure data and generate objective, evidence-based reports for patient education and to document treatment effects. Continue reading

November 2014

Performance RX Orthoses

SOLO Laboratories has announced the release of Performance RX, a new material now available as an option for the company’s orthotic products. Performance RX is an engineered nylon plate material that does not fatigue… Continue reading

November 2014

MiniTrax Pediatric Boot

DJO Global introduces its new MiniTrax pediatric walking boot, designed for small patients with mild to severe foot and ankle injuries. MiniTrax features kid-friendly design elements that make wearing the boot less… Continue reading

November 2014

PolySoft and Gentle Padding

Ambra Le Roy announces the addition of PolySoft stockinette and Gentle Padding to its Lymphedema Care line. The Polysoft stockinette is made from soft, comfortable synthetic fibers with no elastic yarns. Continue reading

November 2014

Rocktape Knee Caps

Knee Caps from Rocktape are designed to help protect the knees during complex fitness movements, such as dead lifts, pistols, and squats. Knee Caps are designed to offer compression, warmth, and lateral stability… Continue reading

November 2014

Deluxe Gel Bunion Sleeve

Silipos introduces a new option for patients suffering from bunion pain. The Deluxe Gel Bunion Sleeve is a comfortable, elastic sleeve with a soft gel pad that sits easily around the painful and sensitive bony… Continue reading

November 2014

Lunatur 18 Walnut

Nora Systems introduces Lunatur 18 Walnut, an eco-friendly and sustainable material that is soft and highly elastic, with good bedding and resilience characteristics. Nora Lunatur 18 Walnut contains more than 20% finely… Continue reading

November 2014

Krutch Kaddy

Designed for maximum comfort, efficiency, durability, and safety, the Krutch Kaddy provides individuals on crutches with a safe, secure, and convenient hands-free solution to carrying essential personal items. Continue reading

November 2014


The AFTR DC (Ankle & Foot Trauma Rehabilitation Dorsal Closure) from Bio Skin provides stabilization and adjustable compression for nonoperative and postoperative treatment. Continue reading

November 2014

Orthomonitor Sensing Device

Kinematix has introduced the Orthomonitor, a wearable sensing device that can be embedded in orthotic and prosthetic devices to measure wear-time compliance and provide evidence of clinical efficacy. Continue reading

November 2014

Sea Island Cotton Socks

Sigvaris announces that Sea Island Cotton socks for women are joining the Zurich Collection. The Sea Island Cotton socks are constructed from cotton that is lightweight, strong, and durable and has a cashmere-like softness. Continue reading

November 2014

Study finds Langer brace immediately improves balance among older adults

A custom ankle foot orthosis (AFO) made by Ronkonkoma, NY-based Langer Biomechanics produced immediate improvements in postural sway and lower extremity coordination in older adults without limiting functional performance, according to a study epublished October 29 by Clinical Biomechanics. Continue reading

November 2014

Darco marks ‘Stop Pressure Ulcer Day’

Huntington, WV-based Darco International has joined with Spanish research organizations to raise awareness of the physical, emotional, and financial consequences of pressure ulcers with the November 20 “Stop Pressure Ulcer Day.” Continue reading

November 2014 offers Ektio basketball shoe

Pittsburgh, PA-based Dick’s Sporting Goods is now selling Ektio’s newest basketball shoe at its online store, The Alexio is New York City-based Ektio’s latest offering in its line of basketball shoes designed to prevent ankle sprains… Continue reading

November 2014

MobileMat BESS is consistent, reliable

Boston, MA-based TekScan’s automated balance error scoring system (BESS) produces results in good agreement with trained human raters, according to a study epublished on October 7 by the Journal of Sport Rehabilitation. Continue reading

November 2014

Whitmore joins Allard foot drop team

Rockaway, NJ-based Allard USA in November introduced ESPY award winner Jamie Whitmore as one of the newest members of TeamUp, Allard’s national team for people with limited mobility due to foot drop. Continue reading

November 2014

Ottobock acquires Ekso bionics patents

Duderstadt, Germany-based Ottobock and Ekso Bionics, headquartered in Richmond, CA, formalized an intellectual property licensing agreement in November that will allow Ottobock to make use of Ekso’s wearable bionics technology in its next-generation prosthetic devices. Continue reading

November 2014

APMA, PFA merge 2015 meetings

The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) and the Pedorthic Footcare Association (PFA) announced in November that next year the PFA will hold its Annual Symposium in conjunction with APMA’s Annual Scientific Meeting. Continue reading

November 2014

Beattie directs EMU O&P grad program

Eastern Michigan University (EMU) in Ypsilanti in October named Wendy Fischl Beattie, CPO, FAAOP, new program director and clinical coordinator of its graduate program in orthotics and prosthetics. Continue reading

November 2014

APMA joins CDC anti-infection campaign

The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) reported on October 7 that it has joined the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s “One & Only Campaign.” Continue reading