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July 2014

Publisher’s memo: Rewards of listening

I have been in the lower extremity publishing space for 25 years, and one thing I have realized is that listening is the key to learning.

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July 2013

Publisher’s memo: A healthier approach

As we celebrate LER’s fourth anniversary, I feel that I would be remiss if I didn’t take this opportunity to share what I have personally experienced this past year. Last July, my wife decided to go back to school to become a certified health coach. Little did I know then that this would bring profound changes in my life both personally and professionally.

Richard Dubin, Publisher

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July 2012

Publisher’s memo: Embracing change

As a father of four, I knew the day would come when one of them would be moving on. As my wife and I watched our eldest son walk across the stage to receive his high school diploma, I was reminded of how fast life moves and how important it is to have a strong network of support to help embrace that change.

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July 2011

Publisher’s memo: Our second year

Another year has virtually flown by, and I am so happy to share with you LER’s progress as an organization in the past year. Thanks in no small part to you, our readers, we have experienced a lot of exciting accomplishments and achieved some key goals that I had set when I started the magazine.

Richard Dubin, Publisher

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July 2010

Publisher’s memo: The first of many

When I decided to create LER, I spoke with many of you to determine if there was a need for a multi-disciplinary magazine exclusively focused on the lower extremity. The response was overwhelming and very positive. You wanted a practical, easy-to-read publication that delivered the clinical literature reviews but without all the dry and boring details of the methods, a publication that encouraged collaboration and helped to improve outcomes for your patients.

by Richard Dubin, Publisher

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