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Down syndrome and total hip arthroplasty: Opportunities to optimize outcomes

Total hip arthroplasty can markedly improve quality of life in patients with Down syndrome, but the comorbidities and developmental disability associated with the chromosomal abnormality need to be taken into…

By Shalmali Pal

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Out on a limb: Rethinking pain

Pain doesn’t always behave the way we think it will. An intervention that relieves pain in the majority of patients might not provide relief for a significant minority. But that might mean we need to change the way we think about pain.

Jordana Bieze Foster, Editor


Hallux valgus and plantar pressure measurement

Researchers and clinicians have found that plantar pressure assessment can help document the dynamic effects of hallux valgus surgery, postoperative physical therapy, and footwear or orthotic interventions, particularly in cases…

By Hank Black

The role of hip strength in ACL rehabilitation

A protocol that includes isolated hip strength­ening exercises during the early stages of postoperative rehabilitation after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction may provide a platform on which to build in the later stages of rehab and may predict future performance.

By J. Craig Garrison, PhD, PT, ATC, SCS

Elastic therapeutic tape: The search for evidence

Athletes swear by it, but quality studies on elastic therapeutic tape are hard to come by, and the literature is littered with conflicting or inconclusive findings about the technique’s efficacy…

By Cary Groner

Photo courtesy of Markell Shoe Co.
Predicting recurrence after clubfoot treatment

In the search for factors that predict recurrence after use of the Ponseti method for successful treatment of idiopathic clubfoot, conclusive evidence is in short supply. However, the one factor that is…

By Rachel Y. Goldstein, MD, MPH

Low back pain and risk of lower extremity injury

Low back pain is associated with kinematic and kinetic alterations that can increase the risk of lower extremity injury, parti­cularly in the presence of fatigue. New research suggests…

By Ram Haddas, PhD