March 2011


Jordana Bieze Foster, Editor

We hear a lot about evidence-based medicine these days. And there are certainly a number of benefits to being able to base treatment decisions on data from high-level published studies. But practitioners who treat diabetic patients know all too well that healthcare in the real world is different from healthcare in the literature.

Plenty of issues that arise in practice haven’t been the topic of any study, much less a randomized clinical trial. Patients in the real world don’t necessarily behave like they do in studies. And in the real world, practitioners actually have to make a living.

That’s why a real world approach to diabetic footcare starts with evidence based medicine, but it doesn’t end there. In the real world, diabetic footcare is also about lessons learned from years of clinical experience, tricks and techniques that have never graced the pages of an academic journal but nonetheless have the potential to change patients’ lives for the better. And in the real world, diabetic footcare is about treatment choices that make financial sense for both patients and practitioners.

Your patients don’t live in a lab. They deserve a real-world approach to treatment, the best that your knowledge and experience can provide.

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