April 2011

Zoraflexx Medical Paste

Williams Technology International offers Zoraflexx patented medical paste. Composed of natural ingredients, Zoraflexx is engineered to relieve pain and reduce swelling associated with arthritic conditions and sports-type injuries. The paste is designed to create its own barrier after application, thereby concentrating its active ingredients on the injured area to maximize treatment and decrease recovery time. Zoraflexx requires only one treatment a day and can be used to treat symptoms associated with sprains, swelling, hamstrings, stiffness, tendinitis, and bursitis as well as arthritis.

Williams Technology International



One Response to Zoraflexx Medical Paste

  1. Conner says:

    I have used this product as an overnight tx for sprains and strains, but I can no longer find it on the market in the sports medicine catalogs that I order from. Is it still available?

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