December 2018

Tread Labs Insoles Improve Patient Outcomes and Your Bottom Line

Some of your patients need custom orthotics. Others will achieve equal outcomes, at lower cost, with pre-fabricated insoles. Tread Labs offers semi-custom insoles that provide excellent relief from plantar fasciitis and other foot ailments. They are the perfect solution for customers who do not need, or cannot afford, custom devices. Four things set Tread Labs apart:

  • Firm Support – Unlike soft foam insoles, Tread Labs insoles offer the firm arch support of a custom orthotic.
  • Four Arch Heights – Firm support works when it fits. From flat feet to high arches, Tread Labs insoles provide a customized fit.
  • Replaceable Top Covers – Tread Labs insoles feature a 2-part, modular system. The molded arch supports attach with low profile Velcro to replaceable foam top covers.
  • Exceptional Margins – Benefit your patients and your practice. Email us for wholesale pricing and a trial pair of insoles.

Tread Labs



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