April 2021

Surestep Orthotic Solutions for Adults

Surestep, an innovator in pediatric orthotics for more than 20 years, now offers unique adult solutions. The Stabilizer is more than a preventive option for adults who experience stability and balance issues. It’s a solution that restores confidence, proprioception, and function. With the risk of falling greatly reduced, patients are free to re-engage with day-to-day activities. The Gauntlet Series is a superior approach to traditional custom leather ankle support systems. Surestep’s orthoses are fabricated to deliver flexible comfort coupled with control. The combination of soft and rigid plastics allows for 3 unique versions to optimally treat severe (acute), moderate, or mild (early stage) conditions. The Stirrup AFO is a custom ankle foot orthosis (AFO) that is designed to treat chronic conditions of the foot and ankle, especially for patients needing more ankle stability and hindfoot control.




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