February 2018

Sani-Vac 750A Dust Collector

Handler Mfg offers its improved 750A Sani-Vac dust collector. The unit incorporates new features intended to assist podiatrists, pedorthists, orthopedists, physical therapists, and their associates by saving time and provide safe material pickup. New features include a rigid but flexible stainless-steel hose for dust pickup. The shorter hose stays in position when adjusted. A remote foot switch enables easy on-off action. A more powerful vacuum motor allows for better material pickup (compared to the older 750 Sani-Vac). The unit features high-efficiency particulate arrestance filtration and easy filter change design. Sturdy casters are incorporated in the engineering for easy movement of the device. The casters also have a step-down design to hold the 750A in place.

Handler Mfg



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