September 2021

RFAST Ankle Stabilizer

The RFAST rigid exo-performance ankle stabilizer was engineered for individuals recovering from ankle injuries or chronic ankle instabilities and as a preventive measure for athletes with a high risk of a high ankle sprain. A proprietary COG device provides functional stability, mimicking the body’s natural joint movement and providing support at end ranges of motion. By preloading the RFAST in dorsiflexion, the ankle can be returned to the most protected position. The dynamic hinge allows the device to rest at 27 degrees of dorsiflexion, gradually permitting increased resistance as the ankle moves farther away from its resting point—this deceleration results in a better-protected ankle and assists in dorsiflexion. The extended footplate creates a more significant level arm, controlling the forefoot’s motion. This, in correlation with the increased surface area of the hinge point, preserves the integrity of the exoskeleton from distorting, better controlling external torsion.



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