June 2010

Relief Topical Analgesic

Corganics offers Relief over-the-counter, non-prescription analgesic, newly available in a roll-on application. Relief is composed of a proprietary blend of essential oils, MSM, L-arginine, menthol, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, and vitamin E. Essential oils include sweet orange, palmarosa, eucalyptus globulus leaf, lavender, and peppermint. The topical analgesic is designed to provide temporary relief of chronic and acute aches and pains, sore muscles, and joint discomfort. The lotion is engineered for fast absorption without a greasy or sticky residue. In addition to the new roll-on formula, Relief also is available in tubes, economy dispensers, and sample packets.




One Response to Relief Topical Analgesic

  1. Constance Mullen says:

    Where can I order this roll-on Relief made by Corganics. My friend gave me a 3 oz roll on and it works fntastic for my back.

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