March 2018

Red Dot Patterned Compression Knee Highs

Therafirm, a Knit-Rite Inc. brand, has released an addition to the Ease Microfiber line of compression hosiery. Ease Microfiber Red Dot Patterned Knee Highs are black with a fashionable red dot pattern woven in. They are available in two compression levels – mild (15-20 mm Hg), and moderate (20-30 mm Hg). Like other Ease Microfiber hosiery products, the new patterned knee highs are made with high-stretch microfiber yarns making them easier to put on than other higher compression garments. Ease Microfiber garments have several other features that contribute to the ultimate in comfort, including a reinforced toe and heel for durability; a smooth and comfortable toe seam to eliminate irritation at the toe; and soft, comfortable, non-restrictive top band to help garments stay in place all day. Yarns used to make Ease Microfiber garments are super soft, in addition to the high-stretch capabilities.

Therafirm (A Knit-Rite Inc. brand)


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