July 2011

QuikStride-Plus Prefab Insole

FootStride Technology’s custom orthotic lab offers an improved version of its QuikStride prefabricated insole. The insole’s full-length cover provides a shock-absorbing cushion that molds to patients’ feet while its combination of Dri-Lex Eco antimicrobial material and perforated EVA wicks away moisture. The QuikStride-Plus insole features a semi-rigid polypropylene shell that provides arch support and aids foot stability, helping relieve heel and arch pain and correct overpronation. The insole’s thin profile fits in a variety of shoes and is available in 11 adjustable sizes, M4/W6 to M14/W16.

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3 Responses to QuikStride-Plus Prefab Insole

  1. Rick Leavitt says:

    Where can I purchase the QuikStride-Plus insole?

  2. Rick
    Thanks for your inquiry. We have a limited distribution of our products for retail. The Quikstride Plus inserts are available through Amazon.com and also Shoes N Feet shoe stores Look on line for their closest retail store. If you are a practitioner you can contact us using our website for the practioner order form. I hope to hear from you and appreciate your interest in our product.
    All The Best
    Don Greiert C Ped

  3. jan mikus says:

    Hi Don,
    I am an old patient of yours at Richard Bouche’s office in Seattle. I’ve moved to Anacortes, and he has retired, so I’ve had to find a new doc up here, Timothy Messmer, DPM. He has referred me to a local orthotist who thinks she can replicate your work for me, as I need a new pair of shoe inserts. I know from Diane at Dr. Bouche’s that the blank is QuickStride & my size is 41, also that you used a 1/8″ spanko top cover.

    I can find the blank on Amazon as your site suggests, but I don’t know how to determine which is a size 41. There is one that says “M10-10.5 W 12-12.5 E41″ – would that be it?

    Diane also told me that you added a 1/8” spanko top cover – is that something any othotic place has access to?

    If you are working anyplace closer to me than Seattle, I’d love to continue having you create these for me – I don’t see you being replaceable, honestly. But if that can’t be the case, I’d sure appreciate any answers you can provide to my questions above. Thanks for your years of helping my feet over at Dr. Bouche’s!
    Jan Mikus

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