March 2022


The Onyfix nail correction system is designed to bring an involuted or ingrown nail back into a natural shape through normal growth without any tension or pain, following more or less proximal application using a hardened composite. The system consists of Onyfix Primer, which acts as an adhesion agent, as well as Onyfix Soft composite and Onyfix Hard composite. Onyfix Soft composite is suitable for small, thin, and children’s nails. Onyfix Hard composite is used for severely malformed nails, particularly on D1. The footcare expert first prepares the nail prior to application. The Onyfix composite is then spread on the nail and shaped correctly. After the composite has hardened, the nail correction system fixes the nail in its proximal shape without any tension. When treatment has been completed successfully, the footcare expert removes the Onyfix nail correction system, a process that is also pain-free.

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