March 2013

Memopur 20/50 Insole

The Memopur 20/50 insole is a new Euro International product made exclusively in Germany and constructed from reinforced Memopur, an open-cell polyurethane foam, that was developed solely for the fabrication of orthotic insoles. This material provides a 96% rebound rate, facilitates pressure distribution, is easy to grind, and is machine washable. Durometer ranges from 20 shore A for the forefoot and heel to 50 shore A for the midfoot. The top cover material is Euronet (available in a fiery red and a crisp royal blue) with black suede cut-outs to help reduce shear. Available in sizes 39 to 48.

Euro International


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  1. Steven Levitz says:

    I would appreciate more specific material information
    I lecture on orthitic materials used to fabricate Foot Orthoses at The New York College of Podiatry
    Steven J. Levitz DPM

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