July 2010

Roomy Socks

MDI Corporation introduces Roomy Socks. These high quality, affordable diabetic socks have been awarded an exclusive national contract for VA Hospitals and clinics across the country. American made, the socks are acrylic and have relaxed tops with a 12-inch cross-stretch. The design accommodates oversized legs due to swelling (edema), but can be worn by anyone. The socks feature terry cloth on the plantar surface and around the dorsal aspect of the toes to the metatarsal heads for added protection and comfort. Ring toe construction (flat seam) will not irritate, scratch, or harm the skin. Available in four sizes, black and white colors, and three styles – crew, calf, and ankle.

Roomy Socks



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5 Responses to Roomy Socks

  1. Diann Scott says:

    These look like great socks — BUT i need them for a partial foot amputee. Where do I find these?

  2. John Hruban says:

    Received socks thru VA. Are great, but they need to reduce the adhesive on the bands as it is very easy to damage the delicate fabric when trying to remove the band. These are not inexpensive so why risk the possibility of damaging them whle tryig to remove the very sticky, adhesive band. Thnak you
    John Hruban

  3. Joseph P Bitonti says:

    I have just received 3 pair of your socks for diabetics and I have been looking for these kinds of ssocks for
    many years but i have been told that i cannot receive any more than three pairs every six months. I am
    willing to purchase them at your regular price, if I may. Sincerely

  4. Woody Wood says:

    Received 2 pair of socks instead of 2 dozen pair which should have been the order from Charlie Norwood VAMC, Augusta, Ga.
    You shipped order #206710 on 9-21-12 (2 J800 L white CREW);
    This order should have been for 2 dozen pair (not just 2 pair). Please recheck and reorder the 2 dozen as should have been the order in the first place.
    Thanks, Woody Wood 329 Granite Street, Mount Airy, NC 27030-4535

  5. Nicholas Sedon says:

    P>O> Number Q56828 prepared by Tricia
    Stockings arrived by FedEx
    Order called for both white and black
    Order had 6 Item J900 Black acrylic socks (CALF)
    6 Item J800 Black acrylic socks (CREW)

    No whites
    STEVEN Y 1366 Is it possible you had no whites?

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