December 2018

JumpStart® Softback provides comfortable control of excess plantarflexion

Cascade Dafo, a manufacturer of pediatric lower-extremity braces and creator of the original DAFO® (Dynamic Ankle Foot Orthosis), has added the JumpStart® Softback™ to its Fast Fit® line of prefabricated braces. This AFO is designed to provide lightweight, comfortable control of mild to moderate toe walking and knee hyperextension. The posterior pad and strap combination works to resist plantarflexion beyond 2° while encouraging increased dorsiflexion, with the intention of allowing easier access to crawling and floor-to-standing activities. The full-wrap inner liner tucks behind the padding for added comfort and provides alignment control of the heel, midfoot, and forefoot. Sizes: 4.00–9.00 inches (.25-inch increments). JumpStart products are ideal for early intervention patients and are backed by Cascade Dafo’s full (90-day) warranty.  Find the full product and ordering information here:

Cascade Dafo


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