January 2011

Jerry Miller Custom Shoes

Jerry Miller celebrates its 65 year shoemaking tradition with a new collection of high quality custom-molded shoes. Combining fit and function, the new shoe line features Medi-flex fabric for accommodating hammertoes, bunions, edema, and hypersensitive feet. The shoes are handcrafted using the latest 3D computer-generated imaging techniques, offering practitioners and patients outstanding workmanship, accuracy, and value. All Jerry Miller new shoes are available under the popular ValuPak program for Medicare-eligible patients with diabetes, as well as for any patient desiring an excellent custom shoe at an affordable price.

Jerry Miller



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  1. Karen L Neri says:

    I am trying to find a company that can fabricate shoes for me. I need something supportive that is comfortable. There are no commercial products that fit and we have tried up to 8E width Mens’ sneakers with no luck for varying reasons. I would have to forward pictures for you to understand the issues, but basically I was born with exceptionally wide feet that were short and I had extremely high arches. Even as a child I was difficult to fit and the widest shoes available were painful to wear and hurt my feet the entire time I had them on. I could only be fit in boys sneakers. As I got to be in my late 40’s my arches started to fall and the tendons in my feet, being too short to accommodate the movement, my toes all started to turn sideways. X-rays showed the bones in my feet had moved in different directions, either to the far left or far right, because the tendons weren’t long enough to maintain the straight line. I started getting some severe hammertoes, etc. i recently had surgery to remove hunks of the outer portion of the metatarsal bone by my big toes in an effort to make my feet narrower so I could hopefully fit into men’s 6E or 8E mens sneakers. I’ve just tried them and they do not fit well at all. It’s hard to get them the right length in the width I need (with the most width in the right place). I have some disabling spine issues. More than half of my spine is rods and plates, including some of my Sacral, all of my Lumbar, part of my Thoracic and part of my Cervical. I have roughly a 30 degree bend in my spine and it is painful to walk or stand for more than a few minutes at a time. I have an intrathecal infusion pump implanted in my abdomen that pumps Dilaudid into my spinal canal via an internal catheter 24 hours a day every day. This past year the gluteus tendon that is attached to my left femur tore clean through while I was walking fairly briskly across the yard. It was horribly painful when it happened and I had no idea what had happened — I only knew that immediately my left leg function was different in a way that is very hard to explain. The specialist told me he cannot repair it because it didn’t tear clean. It appeared to have sort of frayed over time, likely because of my severe bend to the right — it was putting too much strain on that particular tendon. He said he repaired one that was similar once and it happened again. In the months since then the slides I have been wearing have been a problem. Because of this movement jn my left leg I apparently step differently with my right foot and all my slides began to get really worn on the inside of the back.sole. So I must be putting more pressure there when I walk. Additionally, I fall FREQUENTLY. I fell twice in one day last week but I would say I fall 3 or 4 times a month, mostly attributable to the fact that I’m in these slides 100% of the time. And because my feet are so wide the Velcro is attached at the very outer edges and they flop all over the place. I can’t live in slides and be or go where it rains or snows. I cannot continue to live this way. I know my back would feel better and my overall well-being would improve if I could get into a quality pair of custom shoes with good orthotics. PLEASE, can you help or can you refer me to someone who can? I live in the California desert in Palm Desert. I would happily send a photograph of my feet as well as a photograph of the X-rays of my feet it these would help. Thanks very much,
    Karen Neri

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