March 2012

Heat-Moldable Ultimate Insole

Archmolds has introduced the Ultimate, a new heat-moldable custom insole offering up to twice the support of the company’s other heat moldable insoles. The Ultimate is designed to prevent foot, leg, hip, or back pain while enhancing comfort and performance through improved balance and stability. The Ultimate has a rigid cradle under the heat moldable EVA layer to double the support. Both the cradle and the EVA base layer can be customized in a just few minutes using heat from a conventional oven. Other features include a heel cutout for more heel cushioning and wings in the arch area.



One Response to Heat-Moldable Ultimate Insole

  1. Kevin Johnson says:

    Have made custom orthotics during my career. Currently using heat-moldable custom insoles by Vasyli. Would be interested in looking at another possibility. I wear a size 9-10 shoes and always test personally before using on patients.


    Kevin Johnson MS, PT, ATC
    Manager, Center for Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation
    Northfield Hospital

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