September 2018

Graduated Compression and Containment Garment

Sigvaris introduces Secure, an affordable, innovative, ready-to-wear garment featuring graduated compression and containment properties, which is designed to manage advanced venous edema, lymphedema, post-surgical edema, and general edema. This garment maintains and delivers more graduated compression (compression profile) than traditional stockings and has a higher stiffness ratio compared to traditional circular knit, giving it superior containment properties. Secure features double-covered, high modulus inlay yarns, so no bare spandex touches the skin while maintaining limb profile. In some cases, Secure is opaque, discreetly hiding blemishes so patients can look and feel their best while benefitting from improved blood and lymphatic circulation. Secure is available in black and beige with calf and thigh-high styles; thigh-high styles are available for up to 40″ thighs.



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