March 2013

Gait Plate for Intoeing

Nolaro 24 offers the new littlesteps Gait Plate for kids, semirigid prefabricated orthoses that limit in-toeing gait caused by rotational deformities of the lower limb while simultaneously addressing overpronation, which is often associated with in-toeing. A semirigid shell extends laterally beyond the fourth and fifth metatarsal heads to alter the break of the ball of the foot during propulsion and encourage out-toeing at the hip. The littlesteps Gait Plate further addresses pronation by incorporating features of a functional foot orthosis, including a deep heel cup, medial rearfoot posting, and skive.

Nolaro 24


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  1. Casper Ozinga says:

    It looks like a good product. Is there research available

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