August 2012

G Brace Gauntlet

Kevin Orthotics announces the release of the Free Motion G Brace (G200) AFO. The custom-molded leather gauntlet orthosis is designed to stabilize the subtalar, talocalcaneal, and midtarsal joints. The absence of a vamp facilitates fitting into patients’ shoes. The articulating design reduces impingement from the medial and lateral aspects of the brace during ambulation, while providing ample support. The G200 features a molded polypropylene shell and leather top cover. Customizable options include color, closure, additional pad­ding accommodations, height, and extension length (meta­tarsal, sulcus, or toes).

Kevin Orthotics

One Response to G Brace Gauntlet

  1. Elaine ratner says:

    I would like to know any significant differences between the Toad T brace and the Zero-G brace for a non diabetic patient with frequent foot ulcers where the bone becomes infected. He is now in a Total Contact Cast
    and has also been in various boots including the cam walker and crow boot. A brace as mentioned above could be a good alternative.

    Thank you,
    Elaine Ratner

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