September 2010

Footsprings for Heel Pain

FootGuru offers a full line of products engineered to relieve heel and arch pain, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and sore, tired feet. Modeled after the Low Dye strapping technique, Footsprings can be used with or without orthotics and can replace athletic taping. Footsprings are easy to use and fit in most sandals, shoes, and boots, and may be used barefoot. Sold in pairs, Footsprings are durable and washable, made of reversible black/tan 3-mm neoprene, come in a full range of sizes, and fit either right or left foot.  Footsprings are designed to stabilize and control the expansion of the foot upon impact.  They cup and cushion the heel, support the arch structure, prevent arch collapse, and relieve foot fatigue.



One Response to Footsprings for Heel Pain

  1. Many thanks for announcing our new patented Footsprings and for bringing them to the LER YouTube site. Footsprings are made in the USA and designed for comfort, not for correction of any medical conditions and are currently available by internet and several specialty retail stores. We are delighted with the acceptance and many testimonials from satisfied customers and patients.

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