March 2021

Fitterfirst Extreme Balance Board Pro

Fitter International’s Fitterfirst Extreme Balance Board Pro was designed for balance and sports training, aimed for use at home or at fitness facilities. With a challenging 360-degree rotation, this is the most advanced board offered by the company. It effectively trains balance and coordination, increases proprioceptive awareness, and improves ankle and knee strength and core power. These boards are great at helping stretch and strengthen ligaments and tendons in the legs. In addition to the 360-degree rotation, this multi-directional balance training tool incorporates the typical front-to-back and side-to-side movement, as well as all angles of tilt. With the ability to limit plantar dorsiflexion when using the support pegs to increase stabilization, everyone from beginners to experts can advance their skills with this single piece of equipment. The board is constructed from durable birch with a non-slip top.

Fitter International


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