November 2018

Control Pronation with New Fast Fit Bug Prefabricated Shoe Inserts

Cascade Dafo, creator of the original DAFO (Dynamic Ankle Foot Orthosis), has added the Fast Fit Bug to its line of prefabricated shoe inserts. This low-profile foot orthosis is designed to control mild to moderate pronation with an optimal amount of support and comfort, yet minimal volume in the shoe. The Bug promotes a more comfortable and stable gait by raising the medial arch and bringing the heel and forefoot to neutral. High density foam distributes pressure evenly and conforms to unique contours for optimal comfort and alignment. The easy sizing method measures the existing shoe insole instead of the foot for a reliable fit. Child to adult sizes: 4.00–13.00 inches (.25-inch increments). Like Cascade Dafo’s other products, the Bug is backed by a full 90-day warranty.  Find the full product and ordering information here:

Cascade Dafo


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