April 2020

X4 Foot & Gait Measurement System

Xsensor’s X4 Foot & Gait Measurement System provides accurate, easy-to-use gait, foot function, and plantar pressure data for any patient evaluation scenario, including surgical or therapeutic interventions and pathology. It is also useful in providing real-time feedback for patients with diabetic foot ulcers and is part of an effective treatment plan. The compact and discreet on-shoe wireless electronics are paired with durable, thin, and flexible insole sensors. Proprietary capacitive sensor technology combined with high-speed sampling means users can collect anatomically accurate in-shoe data from 230 sensels. The accompanying software enables clinicians and therapists to review high-accuracy, high-resolution dynamic pressure data and imagery to see a patient’s pressure points in real time and be able to adjust their footcare plan as required. With the easy-to-use file manager, users can display and compare multiple recordings side-by-side, complete with summary statistics and measurements, and generate reports.


Xsensor Technology Corporation



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