August 2021

CEP Compression Hiking Merino and Light Merino Socks

CEP Compression’s new outdoor collection includes the Hiking Merino and Light Merino socks designed to enhance the experience for hikers, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts of all skill levels. Tested by hikers around the world, these socks are engineered to provide targeted, true graduated compression to improve circulation and blood flow where it’s needed most. Each product is crafted with strategic padding and a reimagined asymmetric toe box to enhance comfort and reduce foot swelling while also helping regulate body temperature. Moisture-wicking properties and joint stabilizing technology also aid hikers in preventing blisters and hot spots. The Light Merino Sock weighs 20% less than standard products and boasts a lighter design for maximum breathability, making it a great option to combat the heat during any outdoor excursions this summer.

CEP Compression


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