July 2018

Breakthrough HV3 Bunion Bracing Sleeve

OS1st Base Layer Bracing announces its breakthrough bracing sleeves for Bunions. Shown here is the HV3 Bunion Bracing Sleeve for Hallux Valgus pain and re-alignment. This Patent Pending bunion splint design is truly a breakthrough.

HV3 offers patients a comfortable bunion treatment alternative to rigid straps and plastic. OS1st understands better compliance creates better outcomes. With moderate circumferential compression, HV3 is also an excellent post-surgery device that slips on as easy as a sock and can be used for either foot. Although HV3 is recommended for resting therapy, the user can remain active without removing the brace. It can even fit inside a shoe and actually functions while wearing split toe sandals.

ING Source, Inc. is the creator of the OS1st Base Layer Bracing product concept with the Compression Zone Technology (CZT) found in ING’s many patented bracing products. OS1st has now introduced a new “Lower Extremity” range that includes products for Plantar Fasciitis, ankle stability, shin splints, Achilles, compression and most recently the range focused on Bunions.




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