February 2021

BlastX Antimicrobial Wound Gel

BlastX Antimicrobial Wound Gel is a breakthrough innovation powered by Next Science’s patented, non-toxic biofilm-disruption Xbio Technology. It deconstructs the bacterial biofilm matrix, destroys bacteria within the wound, and defends from recolonization while maintaining a moist wound environment. As opposed to free-floating bacteria, biofilms are powerful communities that function as a single entity with robust defense mechanisms. By targeting the biofilm structure and breaking it apart, Next Science’s Xbio Technology deconstructs the biofilm matrix without harming healthy human tissue. Disrupting and destroying the biofilm matrix can reduce the rate of recurrence more than 100x, effectively defending against recolonization. There is no known evidence of bacterial resistance to the Xbio Technology. BlastX is compatible with a broad range of advanced healing modalities, setting the stage for better preparation and ongoing care of the wound bed.

Next Science



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