February 2011

BioStride Series Prosthetic Feet

BioQuest Prosthetics introduces the new BioStride Series, featuring the UltraStride, ActiveStride, and NaturalStride feet. Designed for active lifestyle K3 and K4 patients, each BioStride Series foot features a patented mechanical structure that walks naturally and increases mobility. The anterior-facing, convexly curved multi-layer calf shank is designed to store and release energy with human-like functional benefits. Each foot is designed to provide a more symmetrical gait, more forward propulsion, more side-to-side and backward motion, more rotational movement, and more energy at the end of the day.

BioQuest Prosthetics

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  1. Tom Long says:

    I am a RBNA and Snell Prosthetics in Little Rock, Arkansas takes care of my prosthetic needs. I am always interested in new feet and would like to know what your opinion is for the best foot and leg set up for me. I am a 51 year old male and I try to stay active and on my feet most of the day. At the moment I have a decent prosthetic foot and a battery operated suction set up for the leg. It works ok but I can only imagine what is out there for me that would be a better fit and better action foot. I am covered by workers comp for the rest of my life so if there is a reasonable better leg or foot I would surely like to know about it. Please feel free to email me and I would put Mr. Snell in touch if you have better products than I have been introduced to. Thanks so much for what you guys are doing!

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